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4 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting to Smoke Weed

4 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting to Smoke Weed

“Learn by doing” is a phrase that I can absolutely get behind. And when it comes to experimenting with cannabis, the directive is especially pertinent. You’ll never know what brands, strains, consumption methods or dosing you prefer unless you get your green fingers on a little green. But you needn’t learn everything that way. In fact, if my weed smoking mentor had been a bit older and wiser than the pubescent best friend I had to put up with, then I would’ve certainly had more positive cannabis experiences in my adolescent years.

So let the following words act—at least temporarily—as your sage older sibling. Or maybe the Mr. Miyagi to your Daniel LaRusso. Read on for 4 tips for beginners to the world of cannabis.

1.       There are a lot of different types of high you can experience from weed. You’d be forgiven for thinking that getting high just meant struggling to leave your sofa, laughing uncontrollably, and getting real hungry.

Don’t get me wrong, those things can (and do) happen (a lot) but the “typical stoner” experience is just one of many. 

Depending on a myriad of factors (more on these later), below are some of the main effects that you can feel after partaking in some cannabis consumption:

·         Energized

·         Creative

·         Less anxious

·         More anxious

·         Euphoric

·         Talkative

2.       All cannabis products affect all of us differently. There are so many factors that determine the kind of high we experience—and how high we get.

Just because your buddy said they got a perfect mellow high of a particular pre-roll, doesn’t mean you’ll get the same effect. Here are some of the variables that can vastly alter your high:

·         Experience (as you might expect, tolerance goes up the more you partake).

·         How much you’ve eaten.

·         Your mood.

·         Consumption method.

·         Amount inhaled/taken.

The takeaway here is, when trying a new product or strain, always start small so you’re clear exactly how it will affect you. That even goes for you seasoned stoners out there.

3.       For your first time, surround yourself with people you trust—in a comfortable space. I don’t want to come across as overcautious here, but the fact is that many people are put off weed because of a bad first experience.

Any negative side-effects of smoking too much pot are only exacerbated by feeling uncomfortable in your surroundings—whether that’s because you’re in an unfamiliar space or hanging out with that jerk your friends don’t seem to mind.

The opposite can be said for, well, the opposite kind of setting. Hunker down in your living room with a couple of your bezzies and if you happen to feel any kind of unease, you’re in the perfect place to deal with it.

4.       Clear your schedule. A typical smoking experience will usually keep you high for a couple of hours max. But that’s not to mean that you won’t feel the effects for longer. Avoid any reason to have to drive a car for the rest of the day (like, seriously). Make sure your fridge and cupboards are well stocked and your music playlist is complete.

We’ve barely scratched the surface here with tips for cannabis newbies, so check back regularly for more invaluable advice.

In the meantime, your local dispensary will be a great source for knowledge—the best are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable budtenders who are itching to impart their wisdom on anyone who will listen.

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