Long Beach Green Room is the cannabis center of Long Beach

We engage the community with support of monthly neighborhood clean-ups, holiday and back-to-school drives, and other community betterment.

We create community engagement,  gathering 100K+ signatures as the catalyst that brought cannabis regulation back to Long Beach. LB Green Room served as the original location for many cannabis community and political efforts for Measure MM. 



City of Long Beach passes 5.87, the first ordinance allowing cultivation and dispensing of medical cannabis within the city. It is the purpose and intent of this Chapter to regulate the collective cultivation of medical marijuana in order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City of Long Beach.” 

Long Beach Green Room opens as the first legal dispensary in Long Beach. By undergoing all legal processes and passing check-points from the departments of fire, planning, and health, Long Beach Green Room was also one of the first dispensaries in Southern California to receive a Certificate of Occupancy on September 15, 2011. 


Long Beach Collective Association is established consisting of all the legal operators at that time. 


Pack vs City of Long Beach court case led to the ban of medical cannabis collectives within the City of Long Beach. 

August 12, 2012 Long Beach Green Room closed its doors and turned into the Long Beach Cannabis Campaign Headquarters. 


Political efforts from Long Beach Green Room and Long Beach Collective Association garnished 50,000+ signatures to place a Medical Marijuana initiative on the ballot. When the ballot initiative was submitted to the city, the city clerk office deemed that 18 signatures were invalid from being able to qualify for a one-to-one count and qualify for election. The initiative did not make it to the 2014 ballot. 


Due to the 32,000 valid signatures of registered voters from the Medical Marijuana initiative efforts in 2013, city council acknowledged the efforts and placed Measure MA, a marijuana tax initiative, on the 2014 ballot. It passed. 

The Long Beach Cannabis Task Force was created by the city to carry out a citywide study. Compiled of 18 people, two per district, that included former law enforcement, federal judges, and other community residents including members from Long Beach Green Room and Long Beach Collective Association. 


The Long Beach Cannabis Task Force provided a recommendation for cannabis regulation to Long Beach City Council. At the end of the year, City Council voted 5-4 against cannabis regulations. 

Long Beach Collective Association partners with United Food and Commercial Workers Union to gather another 50,000+ signatures for a Medical Marijuana initiative for the upcoming November 2016 ballot. 


Ballot initiative MM with more than enough signatures reached the Long Beach November 2016 ballot, which passed with 60% of Long Beach votes. Statewide, Prop 64 was on the same ballot and passed with 63% of Long Beach votes, which brought recreational, adult-use regulations to California residents. 


Long Beach Green Room re-opens as the first legal medical cannabis dispensary…for the second time. 


Long Beach Green Room and Long Beach Collective Association rally for recreational regulations. Summer 2018, Long Beach City Council votes in favor of recreational, adult-use regulations (including sales) with a new ordinance beginning August 2018.  

Long Beach Green Room begins recreational access summer 2018. 


Long Beach Green Room continues to join efforts for policy change for fair business practice and safe access. 

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