Since 2010, Long Beach Green Room has brought safe, legal access and cannabis education to the community.
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To provide top-shelf customer service, community relations, and legal greens to the city of Long Beach!


“Once again, the Long Beach Green Room was able to provide tailored and legal recommendations for medical and recreational cannabis consumers.” - consider using “Adult-use” instead of recreational.



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City of Long Beach passes 5.87, the first ordinance allowing cultivation and dispensing of medical cannabis within the city "It is the purpose and intent of this Chapter to regulate the collective cultivation of medical marijuana in order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City of Long Beach.” Long Beach Green Room opens as the first legal dispensary in Long Beach.
Long Beach Collective Association is established, consisting of all the legal operators at that time. By undergoing all legal processes and passing check-points from the Departments of Fire, Planning, and Health, Long Beach Green Room is also one of the first dispensaries in Southern California to receive a Certificate of Occupancy on September 15, 2011.
Pack vs. City of Long Beach court case leads to the ban of medical cannabis collectives within the City of Long Beach. On August 12, 2012, Long Beach Green Room closes its doors and becomes the Long Beach Cannabis Campaign Headquarters.
With political efforts from Long Beach Green Room and Long Beach Collective Association gathering 50,000+ signed supporters, a Medical Marijuana initiative is placed on the ballot. When the ballot initiative was submitted to the city, the City Clerk office deemed that 18 signatures were invalid to qualify for a one-to-one count, stalling the election initiative. Medical Marijuana did not make it to the 2014 ballot.
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Due to the 32,000 valid signatures of registered voters from the Medical Marijuana initiative efforts in 2013, City Council acknowledges the efforts and places Measure MA, a marijuana tax initiative, on the 2014 ballot. It passes. The Long Beach Cannabis Task Force is created by the city to carry out a citywide study. The Cannabis Task Force is comprised of eighteen people, two per district, that includes former law enforcement, federal judges, and other community residents (including members from Long Beach Green Room and Long Beach Collective Association).
The Long Beach Cannabis Task Force provides a recommendation for cannabis regulation to Long Beach City Council. At the end of the year, City Council votes 5-4 against cannabis regulations. Long Beach Collective Association partners with United Food and Commercial Workers Union to gather another 50,000+ signatures for a Medical Marijuana initiative for the upcoming November 2016 ballot.
Ballot initiative MM reaches the Long Beach November 2016 ballot  with more than enough signatures, including 60% of Long Beach votes. Statewide, Prop 64 is on the same ballot and passes with 63% of Long Beach votes. These results ring in recreational, adult-use regulations to California residents.
LBGR staff in store room
Long Beach Green Room re-opens as the first legal medical cannabis dispensary…for the second time.
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Long Beach Green Room and Long Beach Collective Association rally for recreational regulations. Summer 2018, Long Beach City Council votes in favor of recreational, adult-use regulations (including sales) with a new ordinance beginning August 2018.  Long Beach Green Room begins recreational access summer 2018.
Long Beach Green Room continues to join policy change efforts for fair business practice and safe access.
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Long Beach Green Room expands in-store service offerings to include local delivery and curbside pickup options for guests.
Aerial image of seasonal eventLBGR event flyerLBGR owner and employees during a community event
Long Beach Green Room partners with neighborhood charitable organization AOC7 and other community sponsors to host the first ever Harvest Resource Festival. LBGR co-organizes a space for families and friends to experience local businesses and helpful resources, while raising money to rebuild Admiral Kidd Park playground. 
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Long Beach Green Room Takes Pride in Our Staff!

Say hello to these supergreens! LBGR Staff are highly knowledgeable in all things cannabis and are happy to help make your experience in-store memorable. Take a moment to meet this colorful bunch!
General Manager
Hey! I’ve had the pleasure to work in the cannabis industry since 2010 and began working w/ LB Green Room in 2017. My focus is primarily centered around providing safe-access for those in medical need while harboring a fun and loving atmosphere in-store! My passion for cannabis truly emerged when I witnessed the magical benefits it provides to people and animals. Now, as cannabis culture takes the world by storm more and more people are seeing that this plant can truly improve your quality of life! 
Hey guys, my name is Samantha! I’m one of the newest additions to the LBGR team. I love cannabis because of all its health benefits. When I’m not at work, I love to workout, hang out with my dog, and eat!! See you in the shop. (:
Store Education & Support
I’m a big believer in credibility - academic and street. A life-long cannabis advocate, I entered the cannabis industry in 2016, wearing many hats as a cannabis educator, community advocate, public health professional, director, and operations support. My expertise in cannabis education is found specifically in cannabis history, the War on Drugs, medical access, responsible consumption, breaking stigma. I’m a 20-year Long Beach resident, who lives in the Zaferia neighborhood with my partner, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. You can find me getting lost in a forest, on a beach, or in writing with a sweet fruity strain.
Marketing & Social Media
High! I’m Jessica and I handle LBGRs social media, marketing, and I sell you your weed too. :) I personally love smoking joints and eating edibles. Outside of the shop I spend lots of time with family, my black Lab Oliver, and creating cannabis content. I began working in cannabis because within recent years I began medicating and saw how much of a difference it made in my life and many others. It sparked a passion and curiosity about this plant, its history and culture, so I decided to dive in! Best decision ever! I wanted to help others learn how to medicate so that way they too can live their best life. There’s so much to learn and I believe cannabis can help us Learn, Love, and Grow together.



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Found this GEM, and let me just say, this is my new favorite place, Alex helped me out and is very knowledgeable, I told him what I needed and he for sure delivered. This place is nice and clean, easy to access, is so easy that if you get lost or can't find it, there's definitely something wrong with you. This is now my new go to!
Stephanie B.
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My Budtender was Esther and she knocked it out of the park with the Lowell recommendation. Non-GMO cannabis FTW. 😎🔥🌲💨
Cody Walker (Google)
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Absolutely the freshest flowers in town, and knowledgeable staff that knows their products! 🤗When I walked in, Jessica could see I was having a pretty rough day, and she gave me just what I needed to turn my grey skies blue. 🌅 You guys are the best. 💚Thank You!
Avery Castle (Weedmaps)


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