Full-body High or Head High: What Kind of Cannabis Experience Are You After?

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May 13, 2024

In the cannabis world it can seem that, no matter how much you learn, there’s always some lingo that’s unfamiliar to you. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, don’t beat yourself up, ‘cause you’re certainly not alone. Here at LB Green Room, we aim to act as a friendly guide for cannabis beginners as well as those who just need to brush up on their joint jargon. So take a seat and be prepared to gain first-rate knowledge on: the difference between a full-body high and a head high.

To understand full-body and head highs, it’s wise first to ensure you’re good on what the terms “indica” and “sativa” mean. We’ve got a quick rundown here. But, in short, indica and sativa are terms that are generally used nowadays to differentiate between groups of cannabis strains.

Indica strains come from plants with broad leaves and are known to offer full-body highs, whereas sativa strains have longer, narrower leaves and promote head highs.

In reality, it’s more complicated than outlined above, but it’s still crucial to know what is meant by a full-body high and a head high, and when it’s beneficial to be experiencing each.

What is a full-body cannabis high?

Even if you’ve never touched the magic flower before, you’ll know what a full-body high looks like. Just picture every lazy stoner figure from pop culture, sat on the couch complaining of—or indulging in—the munchies.

While this stereotype certainly did more bad than good in destigmatizing the wonderful green plant, it does do a good job at illustrating this particular point.

With a body high, you’ll feel less tension in your muscles, helping you relax and switch off your brain. Yes, it might be difficult to leave your couch. But why would you want to? You’re happy there. It’s home, for now.

What is a cannabis head high?

Head highs are characterized by an added oomph in your step and even enhanced mental clarity. You’ll feel energized and extra creative and there’s a good chance you’ll be much more inclined to chat.

When is a full-body high beneficial?

The perfect time to experience a full-body high is in the evenings or before bed to help you unwind or sleep.

When is a head high beneficial?

Head highs can offer a great morning boost to productivity or even before exercise. But for sure: aim for a head high before embarking on a creative project and you’ll be on to a winner. A head high can really help get your juices flowing.

Can you feel both at the same time?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s incredibly common. Especially when it comes to hybrids or strains that are heavy in both CBD and THC. One minute you’re sat quietly contemplating the meaning of life—the next you’re talking someone’s ear off. It does help keep things interesting, if anything.

Where can I find out more?

For that, we recommend stopping by the Green Room in Long Beach, CA. We’ve got strains that offer a plethora of different highs—so if you need help with sleep, efficiency, or you just need to learn to relax, we’ve got your back.

LBGR Blog 2024 by Pam Chotiswatdi

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