What to Expect When Taking Cannabis Edibles for the First Time: How to be Safe and Have a Great Experience

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March 30, 2022

Edibles are becoming an increasingly popular way of experiencing the therapeutic and euphoric effects of cannabis. And it’s easy to understand why: you get all the benefits without having to inhale anything. Munching on a cannabis-infused gummy, cookie or other edible product is discrete and there’s minimal prep or disruption. However, there are some unofficial guidelines you’d do well to follow if you want to make sure you have a positive, enjoyable edible experience.

What happens when you take edibles?

Your journey after consuming an edible will be a very different one to after smoking a joint or vape pen.

The THC takes a lot longer to get into your system as it must be digested and metabolized by the body first. So, after first taking an edible, what happens first is a whole lot of nothing.

Yep, depending on your tolerance and the strength of the product (and a few other things), it could be up to two hours or longer before you feel anything at all.

Usually though, you’ll start to feel something within the first hour. And once it hits, you’ll find your level of intoxication may well be higher than after smoking or vaping. In other words, eating edibles (especially THC-rich edibles) can get you more stoned.

You’ll also want to prepare for the long haul, because you may feel the effects for hours after it hits. Absolutely no driving or other dangerous tasks until the next day, okay?

5 tips for first-time edible takers

1.       The first thing to remember is that no one size fits all—all edibles will affect people differently. If your friend recommends a certain brand and dose, there’s a good chance it won’t have exactly the same effect on you.

2.       Always start small. For your first edibles experience, start with an edible that has a 2mg dose of THC. Gummies and other store-bought edibles are generally available in 2, 5 and 10mg THC levels and most can be easily divided into smaller segments. More experienced edibles consumers should feel comfortable with 5mg doses while 10mg gummies are great for those with chronic pain issues (and if you want to get super high). Wait at least two hours before reaching again for the gummy tin.

3.       It’s worth having a snack before scoffing down an edible, especially if it’s your first time. An empty stomach may decrease the time it takes for the THC to kick in.  

4.       Take your time when choosing your edible product. The edible industry has drastically improved in the last 10 years. Products taste waay better than they used to and there’s so much to choose from.

5.       You don’t have to get high when taking edibles. There are plenty of CBD-heavy products to try out if you’d rather revel in the medicinal effects of cannabis with less (or none) of the intoxication.When it comes to edibles, there’s a lot to discover. Luckily, our staff at LB Green Room are an incredible source of information—we have the knowledge and product range to help select the best edibles for you. Stop by some time to find out how we can be of service!

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